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That is a fascinating story and one worth a moment to read! Discover how .WS came into being, and meet the Founders and Management team of Global Domains International, Inc., the well-established and highly-profitable parent company of the My.WS Lifetime Income Opportunity.

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The My.WS Lifetime Income Opportunity is Secure… Recession-Proof… Highly Profitable and in great demand worldwide.

My.WS 20,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters

More than 150,000 .WS (WebSite) domain names have been sold in more than 180 countries worldwide. Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI), is a highly profitable technology company with a management team of over 150 years of combined experience in marketing, operations, and accounting.

GDI is under long-term government contract to be the sole Registry for all .WS domain names sold worldwide. Just click on the building image above for a complete corporate backgrounder and meet the people behind this fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity. Call us today and arrange for a personal tour!

"Now, I have a real way out with a solid company, a unique product and a market outlook that's nothing short of astounding!"
—Paul Cooper, Poway, California

"I am here to tell you the time investment will be well spent emotionally, and financially, especially when you think about the 12 years it took to get my law practice up (with) residual income. Additionally, I have in the last few months met more upbeat people who see the trends, and the energy is just plain contagious!"
Chip Snyder, Hagerstown, Maryland

"I've done my due diligence and investigated My.WS. This is a reputable company with a vision... and they are the first domain registry company to offer a multi-tier affiliate compensation and marketing plan. I am proud to be associated with the company and extremely proud to refer people to the product and the My.WS opportunity."
Art Meakin, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Ordinary People. Extraordinary Incomes. Your ship has arrived."
Sridharan Krishnaswami, Suffolk, Virginia

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